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Welcome to PhpNuke Clan Themes! We make clans look good!

Clan Themes PhpNuke Community

Don't be fooled by the name Clan Themes! Its true we started out with just PhpNuke Themes in mind, but it soon came to our attention there was a void to fill in the PhpNuke Gaming Community! There was just nothing out there for PhpNuke Gamers. It wasn't log after the site was launched in November of 2006 that we decided to expand. These days we offer a little bit of it all and hardly limit ourselves to gaming.

PhpNuke Themes

We offer themes for many of the popular PhpNuke Distributions. We do seem to favor Themes for the standard PhpNuke Open Source Project, but we are surely not limited to it. We might already have what your looking for in our Shop. Feel free to browse around and ask any questions in the forums you may have. We also will design completely custom themes just for your site. Complete with matching phpbb forum templates and the right files so you can personalize your new phpnuke theme.

Clan Themes PhpNuke Shop

Our shop contains 87 of the best PhpNuke themes and scripts available for gamers. The staff here at Clan Themes is dedicated to our products and support. Its our goal to never leave an issue unresolved.

COD 4 (Warrior) Red Style PhpNuke Theme

Battlefield 2142 Theme (Cold Steel) for PHP Nuke

Call Of Duty Theme (Aviator) for PHP Nuke Platinum
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Clan Themes Search
Clan Themes Sticky News
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Clan Themes Control Panel

Clan Themes Tutorials

Learn how to manipulate php!

134 Total Tutorials
 Forum Modification Comman... - (50 Views)
 Quick eye enhancement on ... - (840 Views)
 Display all files in a di... - (580 Views)
 Validate Email - (393 Views)
 Default Subject Forum Rep... - (368 Views)

Clan Themes Web Links

Check out some of our newest links!

60 Total Web Links
 365 Gaming League - (7 hits)
 Velocity Game Servers - (15 hits)
 Speedie Computers & Lapto... - (63 hits)
 ServerCommand.org - (69 hits)
 PDi Hosting - (74 hits)

Clan Themes Clan Database

Our database of clans on the web!

392 Total Clans
 SBS - Special Boat Squadron - (4 hits)
 Vicious Valkyries [VV] - (2 hits)
 team365 - (6 hits)
 Special Forces - (16 hits)
 »TFЫ - (13 hits)

Clan Themes Shop

Check out some of our new items!

87 Total Shop Items
 Crysis Theme - (price 35.00)
 Arnhem Multi Gaming Theme - (price 35.00)
 WoW Wrath Evo Theme - (price 35.00)
 STALKER v2 Theme - (price 35.00)
 Lord of The Rings Theme - (price 35.00)

Clan Themes Recent Club Files

Most recent addition to our club!

502 Total Club Files
 27 Gaming Icons (1.50 MB)
 16 PHP Nuke Themes (64.98 MB)
 Game Images Version 2 (7.90 MB)
 Top Music 3 Module (1.40 MB)
 UNITED-NUKE v4.2.08ms2 (1.84 MB)

Clan Themes Popular Club Files

Most popular club files!

3.01 GB Total Club Files
 Player of the Month (278.62 Kb)
 Clan Allies Module (222.57 Kb)
 Clan Sigs Module (422.73 Kb)
 Server Rules V1 (9.18 Kb)
 BBToNUke Pack (10.83 MB)

Clan Themes Recent Downloads

Check out our most recent downloads!

503 Total Downloads
 Nuke Pie Block RSS Feed R... (hits 6)
 Hall of Shame 1.3.1 raven... (hits 5)
 gCalendar Version 1.70 (hits 42)
 Snow Storm - Easy Install (hits 190)
 Double Digital Radio Bloc... (hits 56)

Clan Themes Pupular Downloads

Check out our most popular downloads!

150.38 Gb  Downloads Served
 Team Speak Side Block (hits 1697)
 Clan Themes Module & Bloc... (hits 1412)
 LGSL Game Server Monitor ... (hits 1384)
 BBcode Box 5.1.0 (hits 1024)
 Tournament module (hits 859)
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