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Gaming Microsoft, Gamestop to have “Special Trade Inâ€� for 360 Elite? (1212 Reads

  eXomaniac writes "

Actual potential news on a Saturday! I’m so freaking excited! Ok, ok, ok…

Earlier this week, when news finally broke of the Xbox 360 Elite, making it official, I was quick to call my local Gamestop and ask if they were taking pre-orders. They said no. Fine. Two days later, I called back, and again they said no. Finally I called the Gamestop at my local mall (Genessee Valley FTW) and asked him if they were taking pre-orders. Again, he said no. But then something odd happened. He asked me if I owned an Xbox 360. I said yes, and he told me that I shouldn’t trade it in just yet. I asked why, and naturally he said he couldn’t tell me yet, but just to know that if I had plans to trade my 360 for store credit towards a 360 Elite (which was my plan, I admit) to hold off because “something big” is in the works for existing 360 owners.

And then I find this…

Over at the Xbox forums, a man with the gamertag “Xx KILLA KEV xX” tells us of his encounter with a Gamestop employee in regards to the Xbox 360 Elite. He says, and I quote:

I called Gamestop today to see what kind of value I would get for my Prem 360 and the manager told me that they would have to see it in person, of course we all know that, but after talking to him about the elite he said that corporate had sent a memo stating that MS was working on a special Trade in for existing 360 owners to get the Elite. Im guessing there is alot of truth to the statement due to all the negative feedback from the gaming community.
That would make things alot better if they did.

You know, after reading that, coupled with my own experience I am forced to believe that there is some sort of deal being hammered out that will benefit us 360 Premium buyers who are, shall we say, pissed off. Knowing Gamestop, I would expect a deal to be put in place that would sound enticing at first, but once you think objectively on the matter you realize that it’s just Gamestop boning you up the rump once again.

Regardless, keep an ear and eye peeled for more info about this deal as it becomes available.

Ok, so I submitted the story to Digg because I think people should know about this rumor, and I do like the idea of my site’s traffic jumping another 200% in the next few months. Regardless, a man who works for Gamestop (and who’s screenname is my life motto) “Sega 4 Life” left this little gem:

I work for game stop and an E-Mail was sent to our store stating we “Will Not be giving special trade in’s on the 360 Cores and Pros for the Elite”.

Yes I know it kinda sucks, but hey you still get some nice cash for your used 360.

I’m just going to trade mine in.

Slight disappointment in reading this, but for now the scoreboard is still 2-1 in favor of something fishy. Sure, the scoreboard means nothing, but it’s nice to have.

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Posted on Sunday, April 01, 2007 @ 10:18 by floppy 
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