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UNITED-NUKE v4.2.08ms2

UNITED-NUKE is completely rewritten secure and exceptionally very fast CMS system with excellent compatibility of PHP-Nuke add-ons (including blocks, modules and themes).

- up to 10x faster than PHP-Nuke (for example: story with 30 comments rendered by PHP-Nuke 7.8 needs 313 SQL queries, UNITED-NUKE for the same page needs 136 SQL queries. Another example: homepage rendered with PHP-Nuke 7.8 needs 112 SQL queries, UNITED-NUKE needs for the same page only 64 optimized queries)
- full PHP-Nuke compatibility for blocks, modules...
- new secured authorization (MD5 hash of password can not be used - like in PHP-Nuke - for succesfull login anymore)
- SLUFU (update system similar to MS Windows Update)
- automatic DB update service (if you are upgrading from previous version)
- notifications by emails for comments
- phpBB 2.0.21
- new eXtensible theme engine (compatible with PHP-Nuke)
- due to complete rewritting of PHP-Nuke's code we have fixed over 1000 bugs (over 100 fixes we already posted to PHP-Nuke Patched project)
- full W3C HTML 4.01 support!
- 24/7 support for updated versions fixing reported bugs
- better international support (e.g. for emails)
- english, czech and slovak localization available
- actually all features of PHP-Nuke 7.9 are ported into the system (we continue to port the features of PHP-Nuke). Also, UNITED-NUKE does not contain famous PHP-Nukes WYSIWYG Editor security holes.
- many new API's (WYSIWYG Editors for example, international support and more)
- RSS 0.91, 0.92, 2.0 and Atom export
- require PHP as an Apache module

Changes 19.2.2007
- eXtensible theme engine 1.2
- new themes Drupy and WordBlog
- new ergonomic UI (administration)
- added permalinks to comments (News and Surveys modules)
- added smart wrapping in comments (News and Surveys modules)
- added an option to view info about deactivated users by admins (Your Account module)
- code clean-up (Advertising, Content, Downloads, Flashnews, News, Your Account and Web Links modules, administration and Core)
- fixed all issues caused by PHP Input Filterem (Core)
- fixed malfunction of RSS reader (Your Account module)
- fixed incorrect attribution of topic readers (News module)
- fixed hiding of encyclopedia without a term inserted administration (Encyclopedia module)
- removed unnuke_cities table from installation SQL file
- fixed faulty recording of secured connections to Referrals
- ported phpBB 2.0.22

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 Hover Link Bubble Tooltip160.54 Kb
 Block Multiple Advertisme622 bytes
 Block FLV PLayer List8.07 Kb
 Recent News Ticker Block14.58 Kb
 27 Gaming Icons1.50 MB
 16 PHP Nuke Themes64.98 MB
 Game Images Version 27.90 MB
 Top Music 3 Module1.40 MB
 UNITED-NUKE v4.2.08ms21.84 MB
 News Rating Stars Addon v11.80 Kb
 Player of the Month278.62 Kb
 Clan Allies Module222.57 Kb
 Clan Sigs Module422.73 Kb
 Server Rules V19.18 Kb
 BBToNUke Pack10.83 MB
 Americas Army Info Center29.43 MB
 18 PhpNuke Themes32.67 MB
 Member Of The Week Module24.89 Kb
 Battlefield 2 Info Center8.45 MB
 Guildwars Info Centre Mod3.93 MB
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