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Top Music 3 Module

Top Music is an entertainment solution built exclusively for PHP-Nuke.
It allows you publish information about bands, albums and songs.


  :: A-Z list of Bands
  :: Bands information (Name, photo, genre, biography...)
  :: Bands' Discography
  :: Album information (Title, year, covers, band...)
  :: Album's Songs list
  :: Song information (Title, album, number, lyrics...)
  :: Listen song track
  :: Bands, Albums and Songs searching
  :: Ranking lists (most visited, most voted, etc)
  :: Charts
  :: Custom fields (image, link, text, textarea,  select, file)
  :: Voting system
  :: Uploads system
  :: Themes
  :: Automatic images optimization (powered by PHP gd library)
  :: Easy configuration screen
  :: Lots of blocks
  :: Multilanguage
  :: Easy installation
  :: Mailing lists with latest news
  :: Sourceforge.net support (CVS, Files, etc)

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 Tournament Module Pro v1.43.01 Kb
 38 Small Game Icons52.10 Kb
 Hover Link Bubble Tooltip160.54 Kb
 Block Multiple Advertisme622 bytes
 Block FLV PLayer List8.07 Kb
 Recent News Ticker Block14.58 Kb
 27 Gaming Icons1.50 MB
 16 PHP Nuke Themes64.98 MB
 Game Images Version 27.90 MB
 Top Music 3 Module1.40 MB
 Player of the Month278.62 Kb
 Clan Allies Module222.57 Kb
 Clan Sigs Module422.73 Kb
 Server Rules V19.18 Kb
 BBToNUke Pack10.83 MB
 18 PhpNuke Themes32.67 MB
 Americas Army Info Center29.43 MB
 Member Of The Week Module24.89 Kb
 Battlefield 2 Info Center8.45 MB
 PHPNuke Gaming Ladder Mod505.02 Kb
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