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Simple Nuke Sentinel™ installation

Easy instructions with photos

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Step 5 Setting up Admin Auth

Now this is probably the hardest thing to do so pay close attention.

Open your Nuke root and rename the following files:

  • sample.htaccess (rename to) .htaccess (CHMOD 666)
  • sample.ftaccess (rename to) .ftaccess (CHMOD 666)
  • sample.staccess (rename to) .staccess (CHMOD 666)

Important : Open .htaccess and delete the content inside it so its completely blank, now upload your blank .htaccess .

Browse to www.yoursite.com/admin.php?op=ABMain and scroll down until your see Administrative Settings.

Now turn on Admin Auth:

example image:

Fill in your htaccess path, staccess path and ftaccess path.
Where is says "Normally:" this is nearly always correct so just copy and paste what u see.

example image:

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes.

Note: You will not be locked out of your site because we have a blank .htaccess file !

Step 6 admin passwords

The Next step is to set your admin password. To do this go to the main NukeSentinel Administration page "www.yoursite.com/admin.php?op=ABMain

example image:

Click Scan for New Admin's 1st and then click Admin Auth List.

Once inside Admin Auth List click the edit button to set the admin's password.

example image:


example image:

Put your password in and click save changes.

Notice your admin now has a set password.

example image:

Once you see that the password has been set, click the Build CGIAuth file: link.

Step 7 Building the new .htaccess file.

Go back to the main NukeSentinel Administration page (where you put in your .htaccess path)

Look for staccess path: click the link

example image:

A new page will open copy all the text in this page and paste it into your blank .htaccess file.

example image:

Copy and paster the code it gives you into your .htaccess file, Then upload the .htaccess file

.htaccess file is now active.

From now on when trying to access any admin your will get a login pop up ! fill in your details that you have entered in Admin Auth List.

Note: remember your Nuke admin and Admin Auth are completely different logins so they make be different all depends on the details you have entered.

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