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Simple Nuke Sentinel™ installation

Easy instructions with photos

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Step 1 Download NukeSentinel™

1st of all you need to download NukeSentinel witch can be found here be sure to download the current latest version. Once you have downloaded NukeSentinel Extract the archive to temp dir of your choice.
Your extracted achive will look something like this.

example image:

Now open up the FTP program of your choice and browse to the root of your nuke installalion its will look something like this.

example image:

Step 2 Uploading Files

Go back to your NukeSentinel folder and open the html folder, everything inside this folder needs to be uploaded to your Nuke root.

example image:

Be very careful to keep the directory structure.
After uploading the content of the html folder your new nuke root will look like this.

example image:

Step 3 File Edits

Inside the NukeSentinel package you downloaded there is a folder called Edits_For_Core_Files with all the instructions you will need to make the edits to your core files, remember always make a backup of any file you are editing. After you have made all the necessary edits upload the files back to their original position.

Step 4 Running the install script

Point your browser to www.yoursite.com/nsnst.php. You will come to a page like this.

example image:

Select First Time Install from the drop down list. After finishing the install DELETE the nsnst_installer folder from your site.

example image:

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