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Unban yourself from Nuke Sentinel

A simple walkthrough on how to unban yourself (the admin) from Sentinel

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Last you will need to remove your IP from the .htaccess

Open your favorite FTP Program and download your .htaccess file from your nuke root to your hard drive.

Use your favorite html editor or notepad to open the file.

Scroll to the very bottom of the file and find your IP.
Unban yourself from Nuke Sentinel .htaccess
Note This step may or may not be necessary depending on how your Nuke Sentinel is set up.  It never hurts to check though.

Remove the line with your ip in it.  Your IP should be the last one or close to it.  Be sure you remove the whole line

Example of complete line
deny from

Save the document and use your ftp program to upload the new file.  Make sure you are replacing the one you downloaded from the nuke root.

Thats it!  Your done.

I hope this was helpful to some.

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Published on: 2007-06-24 (2277 reads)

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