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Unban yourself from Nuke Sentinel

A simple walkthrough on how to unban yourself (the admin) from Sentinel

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If your running Nuke Sentinel then it will not be long before you accidentally ban yourself while working inside the nuke administration.  Nothing to be ashamed about, but it does insight some panic your first time.

If your just now setting up Nuke Sentinel use this guide published by Noto to help you out.

Simple Nuke Sentinel Installation (http://www.clan-themes.co.uk/content-4-simple-nuke-sentinel-installation.html)

The first thing you need to know is Nuke Sentinel bans author abuse in two places (if you have CGIAuth set up correctly).  The first ban is in your phpnuke database in the nuke_nsnst_blocked_ips table.  The second place is your .htaccess in your nuke root.

First you will need to know your ip address

If you don't know your ip address you can use this free online site to figure it out.

Whats My IP? (www.whatsmyip.org)

Next lets handle the database (you will need to know how to get to your phpmyadmin application on your server)

Ok once your in phpmyadmin and you have selected your phpnuke database.  You should see a long list of tables.

In your left column you need to find  nuke_nsnst_blocked_ips

unban yourself with nuke sentinel phpmyadmin shot

After you click that table and the right pane has opened a new page.  You need to find the browse tab at the top of the left pane.
Unban yourself from Nuke Sentinel Browse Tab

After you click browse in the left pane of phpmyadmin you will need to scroll down until you find the text "Sort by key".  Use the drop down list to select date (Descending).
Unban yourself with Nuke Sentinel PhpMyAdmin drop down list

Once you have selected date (Descending) hit go.  The next screen you see will be similar to the below screen shot.
Unban yourself from Nuke Sentinel PhpMyAdmin part two

Find your IP in that list and click the Red X just to the left of it.  After you click the Red X a popup will ask you to confirm the deletion.

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