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Retrieve a lost or fogotten admin password

Step by Step instructions to retrieve a lost/forgotten admin password

It happens to everyone at least once in their nuke career.  Through experience I have learned an easy way to fix this.  What we are going to do here is change your admin password to your regular user password.  Using phpmyadmin this is rather simple.

It does require that you know your way around phpmyadmin just a little.

Step #1
Log into phpmyadmin and select your nuke database from the left hand pane.  Once you click on it a list of your nuke tables should load in the right hand pane.

Step #2
Now scroll down the left or right hand pane until you find nuke_users.  After you click on it and it loads a new screen in the right pane.  Then, click browse button at the top of the right hand pane.

Step #3
Now find your user name in the list loaded in the right hand pane.  Note: You can sort that list by clicking on the column names at the top.  When you find your user name, click the pencil out beside it.  (The pencil of course stands for edit)

Step #4
Scroll down until you find user_password.  Now select everything in the far right hand field.  Should look something like this 89902d6839958558aa2cea1f8167035b.

Step #5
Scroll the left hand pane and find the nuke_authors table very close to the top.  After you click on it and it loads.  Click Browse in the right hand pane (towards the top).

Step #6
Click the pencil icon next to the account with the name God

Step #7
Scroll down and paste the copied user password into the pwd field.  Now click Go at the bottom of that screen to save.

Now your admin password is your user password.  Be sure to change it after you have successfully logged in.

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Published on: 2007-09-30 (1440 reads)

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