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Clan Themes downloads work on a Points system, if you have signed up to just download everything and run you might find it hard! Please have a look around the site and you will gain points real easy, to view your points you can view them in Your Account and if you wish to see how to gain points view how to here.

Please feel free to use these downloads, Clan-Themes.co.uk can not be held responsible for any errors or problems when trying to install any of these downloads to your site, you do so at your own risk.

Clan Themes Award system was designed to give back to members for hard work supporting our community. We feel for your time and effort helping us grow to be a great site that you should receive something also. The rewards system has a few strict rules you must follow.

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 Clan Themes Module & Block v1.1
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This version has had some edits made so it displays the images correctly.

Clan Themes has released its own module to show you the community what themes we have in our archive.... this download comprises of 4 different blocks (2 side and 2 center blocks) and a module that will show 9 random theme images!

All you need to do is upload it to your site, it couldn't be easier !
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