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20 results for xbox
Fed up with lazy clan runners try this one masterclanpuk this is a new clan for the Xbox 360 a Clan for hardcore players.. information and news on GRAW 2 Looking for new members all the time and no one rejected with out a try out! Best regards MasterPlanPUK.
Rogue Cell
Rogue Cell is an online gaming clan that has been around for about 4 years now. We are an international clan. We mainly play on Xbox and Xbox 360 but also have some members on PC and PS2 and PS3. If you are looking to join or setup a match, stop by our site and let us know.
hiya people of internet i run a international xbox 360 clan which we love to have a laugh while we play in clan matches and tournaments we are known to PMS/H20 and XG. so if you up for a challenge or wanna join join please click on website link and good luck!!!
COD4 Glitcher Boys (CGB)
I''m just starting a XBOX 360 Glitching clan who finds glithces and plays on old school, and all the other game modes. If you would like to join, please message my gammertag, which is wolfy134e.
6 year clan! COD4, Halo3, RS3:Vegas, XBOX 360, PC, BF:2142 Legalize!
SBS - Special Boat Squadron
Special Boat Squadron [SBS] clan that plays Call of Duty 4 on the Xbox 360.
W33d Xbox Live Clan
We are a new Clan Free to join come and join a real clan not a team that think there a clan and think there good @ call of duty
DbD Dark by Design
DbD are Dark by Design, orgionally a PS2 clan from Tom Clancy games Splinter cell and Battlefield modern combat, once a mighty force of members of around 20+ lead by DbD Master and Chief. The era of the Xbox 360 saw an uprising in the members of DbD after the death of the ps2 clan now evolved and resurrected under the control of former members n...
Bloody Night Clan
Our clan will accept anyone who wants to join our clan. We are a clan that does Call Of Duty 4 for the PC and in the future we will also do it for the Xbox 360. If you want to join send an email to forgotensoul324@yahoo.com.thanks!
Australian Core Infantry Division
An Australian multi gaming clan for xbox360
Rotten to the Core
We are a Multi gaming clan on both PC and XBOX. We have servers for America''s Army. Clan has been together over 2 years on Xbox and just sprouting on the PC. We also have our Website and Forums and Arcade, We do not require members to pay though donations are appreciated. We are constantly growing. Stop by and apply.
I Suck! Gaming
We''re a multi-gaming community/clan that gravitates between PC Gaming and Xbox 360. Currently, we''re playing Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4. We also own an airline for the game Flight Simulator X. We have a vent, and a nice website with themes provided by this wonderful community!
GRAW 2 Announced for PC and 360
Today, Ubisoft narrowed down Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2's worldwide release date to spring 2007 and revealed which platforms it is in development for. The Advanced Warfighter era of Ghost Recon will go for a second tour of duty on the Xbox 360 and PC and will make its debut on both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable. ...
Upcoming Gears update fixes glitches & adds gamety...
DAKing240 let us know about pretty big news for you gearheads out there: Mark Rein dropped into the Gears of War forums to leave a couple tidbits for fans. The next update for the game is...
Microsoft, Gamestop to have “Special Trade In�...
Actual potential news on a Saturday! I’m so freaking excited! Ok, ok, ok… Earlier this week, when news finally broke of the Xbox 360 Elite, making it official, I was quick to call my local Gamestop and ask if they were taking pre-orders. They said no. Fine. Two days later, I called back, and again they said no. Finally I cal...
The life and times of Neoz [Pimp my clan article]
A Brief history of Neoz, Xbox gaming clan - formed November 2004. How Clan Themes has improved my Clan in every sense of the pimp word.
Xbox 360 vs Playstation 3 Online Gaming
I personally feel most novice gamers will get their first online gaming experience in the future sitting infront of their HD Television.  At the current date I am only 25 and I can remember when I thought Nintendo was hot stuff.  I am embarrassed to admit the hours spent playing some of the original Nintendo favorites like Mario Brothers ...
Game Battles Modules Released
Clan Themes has released the Game Battles module to the community. Bayler has made this stunning module that will call your clans information from gamebattles.com and make your clan site stand out from the rest !! Preview:
Xbox-Green PhpNuke Theme
Clean Xbox-Green PhpNuke Themeincluded - Header(fla) Account iconsforum buttons (psd) forum rank imagesdownload/weblinks (psd) topic images (psd)
Aussie Xbox
An Australian Ladder for xbox360 games... Australians number one clan ladder site
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